Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Major Editing:

Today, i spent four hours of editing today on our media film, uploading and implemeting the footage that the group took last Friday. Today, i have successfully finished the majority of the chorus of the video. As the group decided to refilm the chorus of the song, the group decided to keep the old footage chorus, whilst implementing lots of the new chorus footage into the footage, in order to give variation to the video.

On the end of the video, there are lots of quick beats in the song, therefore, i felt that we needed to put in fast jump cuts in order to sync in with the beat of the song. I felt that this made the music video look much more proffessional and link to a typical pop video who usually take advantage of quick beats and rhythm of the song. I also decided to do these quick shots in order to give a flashback to what has happened previously in the music video.

I also did this to the front of the music video, as the pace is extremely fast at the beginning. I have decided to put the shots of the artists face and her "getting ready" into the beginning of the video, in order to show continuity to the narrative of the music video. I feel that the group needs to really focus on working with making sure the lip syncing is correct.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Response to filming on Friday 1st

Today was a day of filming for the group, which i felt was very important in order to get up to date with editing and the filming that we have missed. I took the role of gathering the costumes and camera for the group, then heading down to the drama studios to begin filming. I took control of the lighting of the studio whilst also setting up the camera in different positions whilst Tash. M was getting ready in her costume.

After this chorus shoot, we managed to get the help of Jack (the guy) in helping us film random shots for our montage at the end of the video. We went onto the field where i filmed lots of different shots of Tash. M and Jack being "in love" which links to our idea of the flashback for the video.

After this, we went up to the french corridors, in order to finish the second verse narrative of the line up, making sure we filmed Tash.M lip syncing with Jack. We also did our "postmodern" shot of Jack being trapped in the black stripes of paper, linking this to the idea of Lady Gaga in her music video "Telephone".

Finally, the group decided to re shoot the footage for the beginning of the video, when the artist is walking down the stairs. We decided to do this, as i pointed out that the lighting is drastically different to some of the other shots that we have uploaded onto "Final Cut". Therefore, we decided to make sure that the lighting was darker, linking to the idea of being in a "dungeon" which i felt we captured successfully. We also did quick shots of Tash. M's face and her "getting ready" such as putting lip gloss on etc in order to make sure that we have spare footage if necessary.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Showcase Response:

I felt that the showcase for the groups video in front of the class was a good opportunity for the class to give critically positive feedback to the group. I knew that our video chorus definitely needed re filming, which was reflected in the classes' feedback sheets, where people suggested a different costume, more lighting and effects.

However, i was happy that they understood the narrative of the video being a typical pop narrative, which felt the group was successful with because we followed closely to Barthe's "Semantic Code". This code refers to character and characterization which i feel we portrayed our artist well through the events and her actions such as theline up sequence in the video, that we got a good reception for.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Filming response:

Having filmed our second verse yesterday, I felt that this went well. We finally managed to get extra actors and took the opportunity to film in the French corridors. Although, i felt that setting up the location took time, as we needed to stick the strips on the wall and set the camera in different positions before starting the filming. However, i felt that we captured a variety of some good shots to use for the video. Nonetheless, i feel now that we could of done a few more shots with the singer and a shot of all the guys, such as a tracking shot, to allow continuity throughout the video.